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The 2014 date is July 27 and at New Hope Overlook on Jordan Lake this year: Sign up here.

The mappable street address for this location is W H Jones Road, New Hill, NC 27562. PLease see the Jordan Lake State Park website for directions.

Past results:

2013 results

Little Uno 2010 Results
Big Deuce 2010 Results
Little Uno 2011 Results
Big Deuce 2011 Results
Little Uno 2012 Results
Big Deuce 2012 Results

2014 Gold Sponsors

The 1st annual Little Uno and Big Deuce swims was held on Saturday, July 24 2010 at the Vista Point Recreation Area on Jordan Lake. Close to 200 athletes competed. Water temperature was 86 degrees.

Big Deuce 2010 overall results:
Men: 1st - Patrick Woodruff, 40:43. 2nd - Kevin Herlihy, 40:52. 3rd - Nicholas Tainter, 42:28.
Women: 1st - Kim Rice, 41:25. 2nd - Kelly Woodruff, 42:31. 3rd - Erin Cutrell, 43:25.

Little Uno 2010 overall results:
Men: 1st - Noah Cairns, 25:22. 2nd - Eric Villenueve, 26:05. 3rd - John Colvard, 27:37.
Women: 1st - Gail Rice, 25:51. 2nd - Erin Bolduc, 26:38. 3rd - Tracy Doherty, 26:43.

Event info

The Little Uno is a 1 mile swimming event and will consist of a rectangular 1 mile loop course. The Big Deuce is a 2 mile swimming event and will consist of two laps of the same course. The 2 mile swim will start 10 minutes before the 1 mile swim (approximately 8:00AM for the 2 mile start).

The 2014 course will start at New Hope Overlook on the south side of Jordan Lake. There will be a 2 hour cutoff for the 2 mile swim. If you are still in the water at that point we will pull you due to time and safety concerns. No exceptions.

The course will be supported by lifeguards, watercraft and rescue personnel.

Swim course map coming soon.

Sanctioning and insurance:

All races are privately insured. No membership fee is required.

Age limits

You must be 13 or older to compete.

Wetsuit rules:

If the water temperature is 78 degrees or below, wetsuits will be allowed. 78-84, wetsuits will be allowed but will not score/be official. Over 84, no wetsuits allowed.


Entry fees are $30 for the Little Uno and $40 for the Big Deuce until 1 week prior to the event, and $35 or $45 thereafter.


Please visit the FS Series website to sign up today! No race day sign up is available.


50% of your entry fee will be refunded up to 14 days prior to the event. No refunds will be issued for any reason after 14 days. Event entries are not transferable between persons, events or years. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy. By registering for this event you agree to these refund terms. To request a refund you must complete the refund request form using this link.

In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:

1. The event will be delayed 45 minutes in hopes the inclement weather will pass.

2. If inclement weather does not pass in 45 minutes, the swim will be cancelled and a 50% credit will be issued for all registered participants into the 2010 event. No refunds will be issued if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.

3. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather prior to event weekend, a 50% credit will be issued for all registered participants into the 2010 event. No refunds will be issued if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.


The top three males and females in each event will receive overall awards. The top 3 in USA Triathlon age-group categories (5 year increments) will receive awards (no duplication).


Specially designed t-shirts will be given to competitors who sign up 2 weeks prior. We will do our best to provide t-shirts to everyone who signs up, but if you sign up in the last two weeks we won't guarantee a t-shirt.

Entry limits:

Entries are limited to the first 250 entrants per event in 2013.

Rain/Weather dates:

There are no make-up dates. We will only cancel an event if absolutely necessary for the safety of participants.

Safety patrol:

Each race will have lifeguards and kayak patrols manning the course to ensure the safety of participants.


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Why open water?

We are big fans of open water racing and training, and while North Carolina has plenty of triathlons, we don't a lot of organized open water races. We're changing that!

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